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Case Study: AdvisorIntelligence

A Financial Advisor's Dream: Always-Reliable Research, Analysis, Strategies, and Communications

Case Study: AdvisorIntelligence

THE CLIENT: Litman/Gregory has long been known as the financial advisor’s financial advisor. So, as the Internet matured, this forward-looking firm saw an opportunity to open up their store of research and analysis and create AdvisorIntelligence.com, a comprehensive site fully available to a high-end clientele of registered investment and financial advisors. The AdvisorIntelligence website has gone through several upgrades and redesigns over the years, the most recent was to a content management system (CMS). The often-volatile financial world demands a fast response to the market and CMS provides further control over content for more users.

Financial advisors use AdvisorIntelligence research to recommend mutual funds to their clients, receive compelling content to adapt into their own practice’s newsletters along with PowerPoint presentations, forms and questionnaires, in-depth asset class research, fund due diligence, model investment portfolios, and updates on the select list of funds covered by Litman/Gregory.


  • Evaluation of CMS solutions to meet specific needs of AdvisorIntelligence
  • Detailed content-import plan to move hundreds of files to new system
  • Procedures for approvals, publishing, and maintenance of new and current content
  • Advanced search function solutions for user access to vast research archives
  • Phase planning to introduce new functions and tools
  • Registration and credit card payment system
  • Blogs, RSS, news feeds, discussion boards
  • User-customized home page
  • Client-managed email updates
  • Clean, modern, professional website design
  • Style and formatting guidelines
Case Study: AdvisorIntelligence


  • The CMS solution allows client to post urgent late- or early-breaking news 24/7.
  • The organized archiving of vast amounts of research is now easily accessible and reviewable by the client, giving them more control over their own content.
  • The client’s access to content gives control over individual research metadata, including key words and phrases, categorizing, and removal of outdated materials.
  • Site user’s ability to access all research with an advanced search tool makes using the site easier, opening up the service to more subscribers.
  • The blogs, RSS, news feeds, update emails, and discussion boards deliver more content to more users, more quickly.


  • Website development
  • Online business applications
  • Search engine optimization
  • Content management system
  • Web analytics
  • E-commerce
  • Hosting and disaster recovery
  • Design and branding
  • Customized solution delivery
  • Email/newsletter marketing campaigns
  • Editorial, content, and style
  • Customer support services
  • Marketing strategy and consultation
Case Study: AdvisorIntelligence

The user-friendly design of the AdvisorIntelligence website mirrors the close working relationship between PRI and Litman/Gregory Asset Management—simple and elegant. As to be expected, Litman/Gregory maintains the research, financial guidance, and content updates. PRI continues to find new solutions, help grow L/G’s business, and provide support, advice, and consultation in all their business endeavors. PRI is truly an extension of L/G.

PRI is a boutique vendor with the technology and design capacity of a much larger firm. They can manage your job from a tight set of specs, or lavish you with attention to work through your needs . . . they are reliable and competitive, and are my single most important vendor.
—Steven Savage, Managing Partner
Litman Gregory Asset Management

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