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our team

Chintan Parikh, President
Our resident technology genius, strategist, and team leader presides over all our projects with equal amounts of vision, integrity, and dedication.
Chintan Parikh Chintan is an industry veteran who has been involved in all aspects of programming, interactive design, user experience, strategy, and design at PRI since 2000. Chintan, born and raised in India, came to the United States at the age of 18 to fulfill a dream. He completed his bachelor’s degree in computer information systems in just two years and went on to earn his master’s in information technology from Rutgers University. He worked directly with PRI’s founder, Rich Mansfield, to learn the business inside and out, and as president has successfully fostered and grown PRI’s impressive list of clients.

Chintan is an avid sports fan, and his love of travel has taken him all over the world including his favorite spot, the Himalayas.